Mentoring & Coaching

With a unique background of leading businesses, entrepreneurship and as an energy healer I support clients on a holistic level. Working on self-awareness, limiting beliefs or programming to remove blocks holding you back form living your happiest and best life.

I understand the pressures and the challenges you can face in business, organisations and life. My role is holding space, providing practical tools and at times triggering you during the transformation.        

I support clients mindset and self-belief's to realise their full potential, to embrace and take responsibility for their life. Guiding you to connect to who you truly are and working with you to navigate your life, uncover your desires, and take the steps towards reaching your goals and dreams.

My experience in leading businesses and own journey of healing ignited my passion to support and serve others on a holistic level. We are more than mind and body and it is our right to live in harmony and abundance and the best versions of ourselves. We work together on your life, career, relationships, your passions, limiting or sabotaging patterns and your essence to get to your true purpose. We unpack your truth, desires and passion by exploring your beliefs, patterns, self belief, worth and love. By accepting and loving yourself on a deeper level you can completely step into your power for life to flow with greater joy and ease. There is much more to us than a career, titles, relationships, goals and the material possessions we accumulate. We are multidimensional beings that are constantly growing and changing. If you lost all your titles, all your certifications and degrees......who are you?

In addition to my business background, as an Energy Healer & Teacher I can guide transformational healing and life mentoring so you are empowered to live with greater self-love and peace. You will connect to your truth on a deeper level. 

My passion is for you to consciously live your best life with confidence, courage, compassion and self-love.

There was a time in my life where I felt stuck, lost, disconnected from myself and others. There were changes happening externally and internally that I was struggling to express or process alone. I was fortunate to have had some amazing teachers, coaches and business mentors, however support on a deeper level was missing. Through the grief of a marriage ending I was thrown into an unexpected journey of self-discovery and self-love. Initially I was coping by hiding, sleeping and avoiding to feel any emotions. I built a wall, had little confidence, esteem or love for myself and I was burnt out. 

My education, experience and business background weren’t enough to support what I was going through on a deeper level. I didn't really even know what I needed except that I wanted to feel better so I could be a happier mum and leader. I was fortunate to stumble into learning Reiki, connecting with a mentor that supported me to identify  and reprogram layers of conditioning, fear and self-limiting programs. I started to take responsibility for my life and what part I played in order to process grief and my limiting beliefs. I slowly starting understanding myself m ore, had greater compassion and acceptance for myself. I was committed to work on myself in order to heal and live in alignment with my purpose. I was determined to live, speak and find my truth. Today my life is full of joy, happiness and purpose. How did I get there? I did the work. I invested in my healing, mentoring to reach self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love.

Was this an easy process with rainbows, daisies, bunnies and fairies? No! There were  times it was not easy! However with the right mentor or coach you can feel supported with no judgement, held and acknowledged while navigating the changes. The right mentor coach gives unconditional compassion and genuinely cares about you on every level. They want you to love yourself unconditionally and live your happiest life. 

You don’t need to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you. However, a mentor  identify self-limitations and gives tools on how to make positive lasting life changes. Can you do this alone? I haven't yet met someone that wasn't supported, inspired or driven without support. We are humans, which means we are social and learn and grow from one another. Mentors are your personal non-judgemental teacher and cheer leader. They want you to live your best life, be abundant and thrive! 

Having a holistic mentor or coach helps identify, sort and unpack what you have stored and compartmentalised your whole life. The layers are unpacked with compassion and guidance. I support you to remove what no longer serves you to make room for greater abundance, joy and happiness. We work together to find what is sabotaging or blocking your full potential using tools, processes so you can have greater self-acceptance. You may be a leader needs support to be a mindful leader. There is a big difference between the two.

Mindful leaders are compassionate, caring, empathetic, present and kind. They mentor and encourage teams growth professionally and personally without judgement. They embody conscious leadership with their mindful actions, choices, energy and presence. 

We work together to have a deeper awareness of who you are, what your dream, purpose ancontributes to your long lasting happiness. This growth comes with greater self-love, forgiveness and compassion.

Once you know that you want to work with a mentor or coach, you need to find the right person for you. There are many important things to consider in choosing the right person that is best suited for you. This is a special and personal relationship and the most important thing in selection is finding someone who you feel very comfortable with. Someone who you feel a connection with that you can trust. The mentor coach is there to offer you a judgement free space to grow and develop yourself.

All mentors or coaches have different wisdom, tools and gifts to share. However if you don’t feel comfortable, connected or safe with them you won’t be open or honest to share yourself or support. Ideally you want to feel both inspired and held by your mentor / coach. Some questions to consider:

  • Are they an effective communicator and present listener?
  • Are they neutral and make me feel comfortable to be myself?
  • Will they speak honestly and openly? Will I feel comfortable with them enough to open up?
  • Can they support my growth?
  • Are their values aligned with mine?
  • Will they challenge me or show me different perspectives?
  • Do they offer the right blend of guidance, wisdom, and support I need?
  • Will they have my best interest at heart?
  • Will they make me feel uplifted and inspired?
  • Does their energy feel right with mine?

Great question. The answer is in your answer to these questions…….Are you open or willing to work on yourself on a deeper level? Are you ready to show the person you are on the inside to the outside world?

My style of mentoring and coaching has a mindfulness, practical and healing approach. Being mindful is being present, open, curious, self-aware and non-judgmental.

We will work together on a deeper level. My wish is for you to have the life you want for yourself. A life filled with happiness, fulfilment, self-love, and abundance. Living without crippling fear, shame, anguish, tension, anxiety or stress.

With any support around mentoring or healing it is important you feel connected and open to be yourself with them. 

No! Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. You are doing the best you can with the tools you have right now. Growing can feel overwhelming at times so feeling like you need additional support and guidance from an impartial person is an investment in your growth. What can be more important than investing in your happiness and growth?

A mentor or coach helps show you the path and provides tools, offers support, guidance, and holds a sacred space for your journey. We do not heal you, because you already have everything within yourself to heal and grow. We help you navigate your own mind, body, heart and soul to use the magic that is within you. You receive as much as you are open and willing to stand in your truth to embody your whole self, your passions, move forward into love by letting go of self sabotaging actions or limiting beliefs.Are you ready to show up? Ready to work and uncover your real self? Are you ready to love all parts of yourself? Are you ready to dissolve any layers of conditioning, fear, doubt, guilt, and limitations from your soul? Are you ready to be open to receive guidance to connect to yourself on a deeper level? Are you ready to show the person you have always been on the inside to the outside world?

Again, this is personal and unique for each person and what they want to achieve. You may have one intention and a single session is enough to clarify your direction. You may need someone to support you through big changes in your life. You may need someone that is neutral and will give you a different perspective on decisions you are making. You may need all of the above, it is all individual.

Generally clients are working through changes where deeper shifts need regular support and guidance. I meet with clients fortnightly in the first few months. We then assess what schedule suits you best depending on your requirements.
I regularly meet with my mentor. Actually, I have a few because they have different skill sets in business and spirituality. I see them minimum monthly, at times fortnightly for support and check in. I love having someone on my team that is impartial and has my back, challenges me and calls it as it is! We all need someone to show us perspective.

All mentoring coaching sessions are currently being held online via Zoom or phone.

90 minute session: $355
6 x 90-minute sessions: $2,100 (payable in 3 x monthly instalments)
6 month 1:1 mentoring coaching program available, contact me for more information
9 week mentoring coaching program available in group setting, contact me for more information

Start by booking a free introductory call to connect over the phone or zoom. This will allow both of us the opportunity to see if it’s a good fit. All mentoring coaching sessions are currently being held over Zoom or telephone. 

If you have more questions about me, my mentoring or coaching sessions or programs please contact me. Email or call on 0400 064 072. Get in touch. Looking forward to supporting and working with you. Vesna 

Workplace Wellbeing

My unique background in business leadership, entrepreneurship and energy healing has allowed me to support workplaces and wellbeing on a holistic practical level. Working with the leadership and teams focusing on individual wellbeing and self-awareness. 

The programs and workshops I offer provide life tools for individuals to live their happiest and best lives. I support clients with transformational healing and mentoring to live with greater self love and peace. Supporting businesses and individuals creating empowering, lasting change within the individual employee, teams, and organisations.

The wellness of teams is imperative to an organisation's success. Positive wellness changes result in increased employee engagement, greater creativity and productivity, and improved business results. The champions of teams, success and wellness are the organisations leaders. More specifically it is their Mindful Leaders. I work closely mentoring leaders to be more mindful. 

My role is supporting businesses and individuals to create empowering, lasting change within the individual employee, teams, and organisations. Working with teams and leadership support to transform organisations where individuals are less stressed, willing to change, becoming more engaged, creative, and productive. Collaboratively we work to evaluate personal wellness interests and needs of the team, developing goals and objectives to design a customised wellness program. Creating change through holistic and person-centred programs.

Positive individual wellness changes result in increased employee engagement, greater creativity and productivity, and improved business results.

Mentoring leaders to become more mindful. A good leader will lead. A great leader will lead through change and crisis. A mindful leader will lead through a crisis with focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion in the service of the team and organisation. Through their self awareness and balanced mindset they skilfully initiate or guide change.

Effective mindful leadership plays a critical role in the success of organisations going through mass-scale changes or evolving to higher levels during business as usual.

There are multiple programs and services available to suit your workplace:

  • Workplace Wellness Consulting
  • Workplace Wellness Workshops
  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Mindful Leader Programs
  • Meditation programs
  • Mentor & Coaching programs
  • Healing Workshops

Every workplace strives to have a healthy workplace for their team to work in harmony. We work with you to create the programs that suit your workplace from once off programs to longer term workplace wellness consulting. We partner with like minded organisations that genuinely want to help their teams grow, become healthier and happier within themselves.  What would your workplace look like if your team was less stressed, more creative and happier in life?   

Mental health and wellbeing is the leading factor to staff engagement and productivity. One in six working age Australians are currently experiencing mental illness, most commonly depression and anxiety. In addition, one in six have symptoms associated with mental illness such as worry, sleep problems and fatigue all of which affect our ability to function effectively. Absenteeism and reduced effectiveness while at work is costing workplaces an estimated $17 billion a year. Employees that consider their workplace mentally unhealthy are almost four times more likely to say they have taken time off work due to feeling mentally unwell. 

Change is natural and inevitable and the process may vary from easeful to chaotic. The disruption caused by change can manifest as mistrust, lack of engagement or output with individuals lacking self awareness or with mental illness. Businesses investing in mental health and wellbeing are more likely to attract and retain the best and brightest talent. Investing to lead change from the inside out creating a healthy workplace, improved business results and change for the greater good.

Mentally healthy workplaces have reduced absenteeism, achieving higher employee productivity, reduced workers' compensation and injuries. By prioritising mental health and individual wellbeing they build a positive trusting culture where individuals feel valued and are engaged to meaningfully contribute.

Get in touch to find out more about the workshops, programs, coaching and other services. Working with clients in-person and via Zoom, offering both online and in-person mindfulness workshops for corporate clients. Looking forward to supporting and working with you. Vesna Email or call on 0400 064 072

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese developed technique helping reduce the impact of stress, worries and releasing tension. It promotes relaxation while balancing the body, mind and spirit helping your own healing exactly as needed at the session. Reiki is "laying on hands" healing and creating an energy exchange in a safe space.

A treatment feels like a beautiful radiance flowing through and around you. Reiki beneficial effects can include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, wellbeing and greater self love. Energetic healing is a gentle and non-invasive method of healing.

First time appointments will have an introduction about the process and your expectations or intentions. Once we go through the process and your needs you will lie down on a bed and be covered with a soft blanket. There will be soft music played while you are receiving  the healing. 

Sessions may use crystals, mists or essentials oils intuitively during the process. My hands will be placed on different energy centres along your body to support the healing you require for your highest best and good. 

You may experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. Some people may be visual and see colours or pictures, or have memories appear. Try to go with the flow without attaching too much meaning to it. Your experiences may become deeper and clearer the more you continue with your Reiki. 

Once the process is completed we will discuss  how and what you are feeling and any further questions you may have. It is important to remember Reiki is a complementary therapy and should be used alongside your primary treatment plan. 

Reiki sessions offered vary between 60 to 120 minutes and tailored to your needs:

  1. In Person Healing:
    There are different sessions available to suit your needs including a 60, 90 minute or multi pack sessions. During the healing essential mists and oils are used. After the session you will receive an email on integration and self care tips.
  2. Phone Healing
    There is a 45 or 60 minute session available to suit your needs when you are unable to come in person. We will call you at the time of booked session. You will lie down during the healing listening to the same music as the practitioner. After the session you will receive an email on integration and self care tips.
  3. Distant Healing
    This session is perfect for those without time or that are too far away to travel to Live Reiki. The practitioner will focus on sending the healing energy to you at the best time for your highest good. You will receive an email with detailed notes. Usually it will outline what came through for your main energy centres, wand the cards that have been pulled. You will also receive an integration and self care tip email.

Cutting of Ties

Cutting the ties process was developed by Mrs. Phyllis Krystal, a psychotherapist over 40 years ago. This process cuts ties from people, attitudes, patterns,  habits, roles, rules, regulations and old belief systems that limits us embodying our true self. Cutting the ties process to negative personality traits or toxic people is vital to be free from external control or past conditioning. Commonly the origin of past conditioning can be traced to our childhood. 

The process involves visualisation techniques to assist releasing any negative attachments and unhealthy relationships while being supported by Reiki energy and sacred symbols. 

Cutting the ties that bind with a relationship in our life is an opening to release judgement or stories we have been taught and carried that no longer serve a purpose. It doesn’t necessarily mean we need to cut a relationship from our life. Some loving relationships can unknowingly  have negative effects on our life that may surface as we are moving through growth and change. This is a reset technique allowing you to connect back with yourself and your inner guidance to service you for your highest good. 

When we cut the ties that bind with a relationship in our life, it does not necessarily mean the relationship is over or you will never see the person again. This is a sacred process and opportunity to reset. An opportunity to release judgements and stories we have carried with us and start over. Releasing from old patterns results in relationships improving allowing room for unconditional love, surrender and acceptance. 

This process releases energetically a person, belief, situation, place or object by setting the intention that you no longer wish to be negatively affected by it. The whole process is done with love. Your physical bond with that person may still exist and these cords or toxic attachments may reappear.

You must be prepared to do the work that will emerge after the cord-cutting session. Once you release these attachments spiritually, change your own energy you may attract situations and circumstances to allow you to release them physically as well.

The process involves two 90 minute sessions over two weeks in person or over the phone. It is over two weeks between each session. 

*New clients require a connection call, prior to booking . This is to discuss what these sessions involve so you can make an informed decision if  this is right for you at this time.*