Benefits of Reiki

Relaxation, compassion, clarity, self love & peace

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Reiki is love

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Why Reiki?

Reiki is made of vibration, energy and love. It is actually so much more than energy healing, it is a way of life to connect to your true self and nature. Reiki is love and an intelligent energy that has created and sustained the universe in perfect order.

Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is love and helps support shift self limiting beliefs, negative, blocked or stagnant energy and past trauma. Overall greater wellbeing, balanced life and inner happiness

Principles of Reiki

The foundation of Usui’s teachings are influenced by Buddhist teachings. They are spiritual rather than religious being codes of wisdom that when practised daily will embody balance, harmony, wholeness and happiness.

What to expect?

Reiki is an alternative energy healing medicine. The healing method is similar to hand healing that has been used for thousands of years.
As a Reiki healer I use palm healing or hands-on healing where "universal energy" is transferred through the palms to the client. This healing is to encourage emotional or physical healing as needed by the client at that time.
My hands are positioned on parts of the body generally corresponding with the energy centre to transfer healing to the client. Reiki channels only pure light and love therefore no negative energy can be transferred between the healer or client.
Reiki healing sessions experiences can vary greatly. What is important to remember is that Reiki is made of love and will always work with the client in exactly the way it needs to for them at that time.
During a healing session clients may feel different senses and emotions, some being energy sensations, pins and needles, hot or cold, light headed, relaxed, sleepy, emotional, sick, anxious, light, happy and peaceful.

Interested in Reiki healing?

Realign your mind, body and spirit by shifting unwanted negative or toxic energy. Reclaim your clarity, strength, and passion to restore positive energy back into your life.

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