About Vesna

My name is Vesna Novakovic the Founder of Live Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher of the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC). I stumbled into Reiki and never expected it to profoundly change my life.  I was called and a little pushed by my sister to learn Reiki 1 after going through some grief and major life changes. I felt stuck, anxious, lost and at times felt disconnected and out of my body.

Previously having no type of healing I didn't have any expectations attending Reiki 1. I associated healing only with the physical body even though I could feel there was more to us than the physical. I was disconnected and blocked keeping an external facade to show how strong and with it I was was. On the inside I was hiding my sadness and hurt while trying to process the events and traumas of my life. 

The teachings of Reiki Level 1 changed my life. While I didn't understand initially what Reiki or energy healing was I immediately felt the impact of the healing practices. 

Balancing being a mum to three beautiful children and having stressful Corporate Management roles leading teams has been challenging. My Reiki journey opened my heart bringing me a greater sense of self love and love for others. I didn't realise I needed healing until I embarked on connecting deeper to myself with compassion, gratitude and love. My healing allowed me to acknowledge and release what no longer served me to move forward in alignment with my life. I was surprised how easily everything flowed in life when it was aligned to my truth. One of my biggest truths was feeling called to serve and help people with their healing and mentoring their growth personally, professionally and spiritually. I am honoured and grateful to be in this service. 

Through Reiki, my life journey and inner intuition I help my clients:

Release stagnant emotional blockages
Identify and release toxic energy that no longer serves
Clear negative or self limiting beliefs
Live their truth for their highest good
Connect to their inner self to love more
Honour while calming the mental monkey chatter
Reduce stress, anxiety, fears and negative limiting patterns
Take responsibility to live life freely
Live in balance and harmony with a pure and compassionate heart
Open their heart to receive their birth right of unconditional love, support and abundance

My Reiki Story

Life provides many blessings and lessons to the path we are meant to follow. After the grief of a relationship ending I searched for something to help me heal in addition to the traditional support I was receiving. I was working in a corporate world and was disconnected from myself, my needs and purpose. Lying to myself I wasn't living authentically and I wasn’t truly happy. When you hide who you are from everyone including yourself it is difficult to maneuver through life.  My support network and clinical network was great however I needed something more. My heart was wounded and I needed deep healing and to love myself again.

Reiki came to my life unexpectedly and helped change it profoundly healing and working through self limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, self worth and trauma. It has helped me find myself and live my truth, love myself unconditionally which has filled me with happiness. Feels amazing being yourself and living without worrying about external validation and expectations.

We all have an inner compass, a knowing, intuition, gut feelings that we are unable to explain. Reiki has helped me become more self-aware and loving to myself and others to listen with my heart.

Supporting clients to heal by clearing old, negative, fear based, self limiting energies or patterns that no longer serve a purpose. We are born with the intelligence to heal ourselves exactly as we need. Playing a coaching part for my client’s life to grow with support, love and non judgement.

I am forever grateful for the blessings and lessons including the divine timing Reiki came into my life. So much love and gratitude to my sister for encouraging this journey, my Reiki Master Teacher Sara Brooke and all my teachers, mentors and clients in this journey.

Always sending love, light, big kisses and blessings.

Vesna Novakovic