About Vesna

My name is Vesna Novakovic the Founder of Live Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher of the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC). Balancing being a mum to three beautiful children while working in stressful business roles leading organisations and teams was challenging. My healing and mindfulness journey opened my heart bringing me a greater sense of self love, love for others and life flowed easily. Initially not understanding what Reiki or energy healing was, I quickly felt the impact of the healing practices. There was a sense of greater peace and joy in life and positive changes began unfolding.

Today I love supporting others with their own healing and mentoring their growth to better their life to:

Love themselves more to feel greater happiness and peace
Clear negative or self limiting beliefs
Live their truth for their highest best
Reduce stress, anxiety, fears and negative limiting patterns
Take responsibility to live life freely
Live in balance and harmony with a pure and compassionate heart
Open their heart to receive unconditional love

My Reiki Story

After the ending of a relationship I searched for something to help me process the grief. I was working in a corporate world and was disconnected from myself while trying to manage the grief I was feeling. I felt lost, stuck and like my world was turned upside down. I was pretending I was "fine and happy" and wasn't living authentically. I wasn’t truly happy. Reiki helped me work through self limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, self worth and trauma. It helped me find myself, live my truth and love myself unconditionally which has filled me with happiness.

We all need that teacher, mentor, coach or person on our team that we connect to and they have our back. The person that genuinely cares about us to support our growth unconditionally. I support clients with healing, tools and strategies to live their best. Mentoring others with genuine support, love and non judgement is a privilege.

So much love and gratitude to my sister for encouraging this journey, my Reiki Master Teacher Sara Brooke and all my teachers, mentors and clients in this journey. Always sending love, light, big kisses and blessings.